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На семинары, проводимые Кузнецовым И.В. по системе СДГ в печах  его конструкций, приезжают печники и новички из разных уголков Земли. Перспективы и возможности печей огромные, чего невозможно достичь в печах традиционного ряда, как предшествующего уровня печного развития.

Времени для отдыха нет. Спонсорскую помощь семинару оказали ОАО «Сухоложский огнеупорный завод»,  росийско-германская фирмы Plitonit,  Челябинский кирпичный завода «Кема», Рубцовский литейный завод. И печникам, и ученикам важно получить конечный результат в печном деле.

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14-25th of  August 2017 a masonry stove building workshop will take part in Poland,  village Łaziska, close to Wągrowiec  town. The workshop will be lead by Igor Kuznetsov and the participants will build stoves according to his patented technology. Beside practical activities, there will be daily theoretical lectures given by I. Kuznetsov.

All the heaters will be build in a territory of  a training center, what will help for participants to learn about the features of construction of every heating device.  The stoves will be fired during the workshop. We will pay special attention to clean combustion of ecological fuel, that is wood. Free Gas Movement system, on which are based stoves of I. Kuznetsov,  allows to fulfill the strictest gas emissions while burning biomass.

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Как показывает практика семинаров, проводимых Кузнецовым И.В. в странах, где ранее подобные семинары по системе Печей Кузнецова не проводились, многие участники этих стран стремятся постигнуть кладку популярных печей этой системы небольших, но эффективных конструкций, с высоким коэффициентом полезного действия, минимальными затратами на топливо и экологически перспективными.


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First course and international seminar in Italy

We would like to invite everyone to a seminar theoretical and practical workshop is oper to everyone: all stove manufacturers, professionals and amateur stove builders ana it’s about the construction of brick stoves with "free gas circulation" by Igor Kuznetsov. (www.stove.ru)

The "Siberian" stoves of Kuznetsov have some special features:

Dry joint with dual combustion, which allows the gases that do not participate in combustion (nitrogen, etc.: about 70% of combustion air) to separate from the combustion gases(oxygen and hydrogen) in the combustion chamber

- this allows the secondary air of combustion (carbon monoxide)

- system of smoke channeling calling double bell, that allows a slow and optimal transfer of the heat produced. Some stoves, thanks to their mass can also release heat for 2 days after the fire.

Recent tests carried out in an Austrian research institute showed an efficiency of between 92% and 94% and emissions two to three times lower than the European standards.

The workshop will include lectures and practice on site to gain experience. The main teacher is an engineer and Russian inventor Igor Kuznetsov. He is known throughout the world for his work on improving masonry stoves (stone and exposed brick, etc.) and masonry boilers.

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Good morning to all stove manufacturers, professionals and amateur stove builders, producer and all person that are interested

The not profit Parrtnership “develop of kuznetsov’s stove sistem” lead workshop and seminar in 2017 with partecipation of Igor Kuznetsov:


Italy La Spezia (San Pietro Vara) From 23 april to 02 may Technical information Andrea Magnolini, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (0039) 347 2237427 (Speaks Italien, English, French, Spanish) www.passileggerisullaterra.it , http://www.passileggerisullaterra.it/Andrea_Magnolini.html


Russia (Omsk)

AzGrad. from 2 to14 july.

We prewiew 5-7 person team to built a Gonchar stove, two floor and multi-function: cooking plate in living room



Poland (Wagrowiec)

From 14 to 25 august. Place of work near Poznan, Gniezno.

There will be 3 exhibitions of stove different functions.

www.kominki-batura.pl Piotr Batura

e-mail: Saulius Saulius Prabulis, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

              Peter Batura This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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