Hello all masonry heater and stove makers, part producers, professional and amateur stove builders,

          We would like to invite everybody to a workshop about theoretical and practical aspects on construction of “Free gas movement in the Kuznetsov's-stoves”, masonry heaters and boilers. The seminar is taking place in in the settlement of the “Great Bear- Большая Медведица”, Russia from June 20th 2015 for 10-12 days. During the workshop, we plan to build several stoves with different functions and a boiler with a dual combustion chamber (the drawings of clean combustion stoves haven't been published anywhere). You will be able to get valuable knowledge in multi-purpose stoves construction subtleties and gain practical experience.  
The main lecturer is Russian engineer and inventor Igor Kuznetsov, known worldwide for his work in improving masonry heaters and boilers with cleaner combustion and better work efficiency. Also there will be professional stove masons-tutors from the non-commercial partnership “Development of Kuznetsov Stove System” helping with practical work and sharing all the details and rules of masonry stove building.  We are inviting the manufacturers of Building Services industry involved in heating and plumbing to present their products and technologies. During the workshop, the participants and guests will be able to get acknowledged with the manufacturing techniques and the use of the materials in different ways. During the seminar will present a translator from Russian into English.
The main theme of the seminar-workshop is Energy saving and Ecology. We shall discuss not only Kuznetsov’s Stove, but also the materials for the stoves, ovens, boilers, etc. their impact on health and many other themes. We hope that all the participants, representatives of the manufacturers, and lecturers will share the new ideas and exchange experiences and make the mutually beneficial relationships.
Location: Workshop participants will be located in the main base Большая Медведица,
The seminar program:
1. Practical stoves building and presentation:
• Heating stove-boiler;
• Heating stove-bread oven + heating bench;
• Outside complex (bread-pica oven, barbecue);
• Small bakery with a warm seat;
• Heating stove with a bread oven with a fire place and hot-bench;
• And other stove constructions;  
• Introduction to the manufacturers, service providers, traders products; 
2. Theoretical study   
• Free gas movement in the Kuznetsovs stoves;
• Ecologically Clean Combustion process;
• Stove makers mistakes;
• Fire Safety;
• Materials for the masonry heaters and their impact on the health;
• Partners' reports;
• Questions & answers   
3. Theoretical Seminar   
• Combustion process (optimal fuel utilization);
• Gasification;
• Free gas movement;
• Smoke chamber (how to connect three different stove construction to the one chimney);
• Draft in the chimney;
• How to select and calculate heat of the Kuznetsov stoves for the house needs;
• Stove construction;
• Other questions
Registration and payment:  
Workshop all inclusive 25.000 Rubl  (meal and accommodation)     
With best regards:   Seminar-workshop organizers
Non-commercial Partnership "Development of Kuznetsov Stove System"    
Please feel free to contact us.
Andrei Seima   Mob: 00 7 912 777 8020; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.