Aware of the upcoming fossil fuel shortage, I’ve been looking for the best way to build comfortable, efficient and ecological housing adapted to the climate of my area, the Basque Country. We suffer cloudy, cold, damp winters. The steep terrain where we live is best suited for growing forest, so wood it’s a good resource for us to use. Mass heaters, a total unknown here, seemed to me the best way to obtain heating from raw wood: solid, low-tech, very efficient and beautiful.  Of course, there’re many kinds of mass heaters, but none as flexible as the system developed by Igor Kuznetsov. Building bells instead of channels opens the possibility to obtain many uses from one stove: oven, cook top, hot water, heated bench, coal production, sauna heaters are just a few of the many possibilities.

I got in contact with Igor in the spring of 2011. By then I’d read all the articles where Igor explains his theories in He told me to go a seminar in Gotland, Sweden. There he taught us, a group of European students, all the complexities and possibilities of the Free Gas Movement system. We visited many different Kuznetsov stoves built in the island and had lots of time to discuss. Worth the trip.

During this last year I translated most of Igor’s articles to Spanish, designed three stoves, build one and publicized them as much as I could. I learned a lot, sometimes directly from Igor and others by his representative in Europe, Ramunas Lekstutis. It’s always tricky to build something new, but we managed to design and build a nice, multifunctional and efficient Kuznetsov stove in a reasonable time.

Last  September I saw Igor and Ramunas again, this time near the city of Omsk, at the heart of Siberia. This was a different workshop. We built four stoves in two weeks. All kind of features, taught by stove masters and built by a great group of students, some of them very skilled stove builders. This cleared many of the doubts that aroused as we built our first in August. I have to thank Igor, his family and team, Ramunas, the hosts and the rest of the crew in Az Grad for teaching and taking care of me.




Есть и другие товарищи, живущие за пределами России, которые благодарны Кузнецову Игорю Викторовичу: